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If you have a plugin or a WordPress resource of any kind that may help others, please drop us a line and we’ll check it out for inclusion on this page.


My favourite WordPress resource of all is Duplicator. This plugin is fantastic for moving your site from one server to another. It will handle all aspects of the migration including the database and relative path changes.


My favourite security plugin is Wordfence. Packed full of features that will enable you to implement a firewall, block brute force login attempts, scan website files for malicious code and so much more. You will find this featured rich plugin a great starting point ot securing your WordPress website.


Do you get lots of emails about failed login attemps or password recovery attempts from Wordfence. Of course Wordfence is doings it job great but everyone knows the default place to login is wp-admin right? So change this and you will see the emails drop instantly.

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